Happiness is…a big hug from a small person

It it my first week as an elementary principal.

Though I have 6 years of principal experience, those years were with MUCH older students. I loved that time and wouldn’t trade it. But…it’s fair to say that none of my high school students asked me what my third favorite reptile is or told me that my hair smelled good, or wanted to embrace me first thing in the morning. Yes, all of those have happened in the last few days.

While I know I’ll make a lot of mistakes being new this year, one thing I’m committed to not messing-up is relationships. My greatest joy is greeting those little ones in the morning, making time to spend with them over lunch and recess, and walking them hand-in-hand back to the safety of their cars at days end. If they want to hug me, I’ll hold on until they’re done.


The staff of Discovery School are participating in a group Book Study this year. The book I have chosen is called “FISH!” Its essentially a guide to improving the atmosphere at work by following the lead of the remarkably energetic Pike’s Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington. There’s an emphasis on making others’ days, playing, and having fun. It’s a book that has been used by countless well-known organizations all over the globe to boost morale and improve results. I look forward to the ways we’ll transform and grow as professionals, together. 

I could easily be overwhelmed by the immensity of what I must accomplish in a day, a week, a school year…and the many things I need to learn. But, for now, I’m just happy. Because happiness is a big hug from a small person. And I have 156 small persons!


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